31 July 2016

POTFEST in the Park


We visited POTFEST in the Park this weekend. 

For those who might be new to POTFEST, it is one of the biggest ceramic shows gathering over 100 potters and ceramic artists from all over the UK and beyond. It is held in the park at Hutton-in-the-Forest, Penrith. You can see so many variety of ceramic work, get inspiration from, meet makers and of course can purchase some of your favourites directly from the artist. 

POTFEST in the Park has always been my favourite to visit out of many other ceramic events and we try to come every year. We had to miss last year due to my daughter’s operation, so it was very exciting visit for me. We have certainly developed our favourite makers over the years and enjoy adding little by little to our collection each year. 

The image on the top is a stand by Hilke MacIntyre who’s based in Scotland, originally from Germany. I absolutely adore her ceramic relief pieces. They are full of imaginations often come with quirky animals, creatures and human beings that she created. We are pleased that we got a little piece for our friend and a new addition to our collection as the image below. I see Hilke’s work on the wall every day and makes me feel so happy. 

We also stopped and chatted to lovely slipware potters Fitch & MacAndrew and finally met their little one Pippin! (baby in front of the photo)  I can imagine lots of us who may be seeing them on Facebook etc, cannot just resist smiling. What a happy charming couple they are and a gorgeous daughter Pippin is! It must be hard work keeping pottery alive as well as looking after such a little one, so I genuinely admire them. We have taken a beautiful honey glazed jug home and this was the first time for us to have Doug’s piece so I’m quite chuffed. Hopefully it will be one of many to come. 

I usually take more photos at POTFEST but this year it was a bit difficult to get into shooting mode with a threenager around my knees (literally!), so sorry I haven’t got many to show you here. 

There are many more wonderful potters to look for, so if you have missed this year’s POTFEST, you know what to do! m x

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