7 July 2016

good bye terrible twos, hello threenager

How time flies seems to be accelerating even more when you are with a little one. Once a-tiny-baby-used-to-be now has turned into a three-na-ger. I know it’s an old cliché to say this but where has the time gone??? Honestly!

I am beginning to notice some changes in her already, in particular her attitude and way to cope (or not to cope) with things that you may think trivial. Of course, nothing is trivial to them. Silly mum. She seems to be obsessed with certain things, for instance, she bothers about a tiny splash of water or dirt on her clothes, and wants to change them so frequently. Obviously she is bound to get dirtier soon enough, so I’d say bad words like “it’ll soon dry” or “it’ll get messy again when you play outside”. Then she goes ballistic as if it’s the end of the world, demanding to change her clothes, crying, throwing herself and stripping her trousers off anywhere etc. Well, I suppose this isn’t that bad, considering all sort of worst case scenarios that I have heard, and after all I am hoping it’s just another phase. 

Nevertheless, the goodness and loveliness of our little one are still all around, making her mum proud. Her potty training is doing really well and her sticker chart now has gone to the second sheet. She keeps wearing the medal she was given for completing a half-mile charity run she did the other day. She enjoys bubbles like the bestest gift ever. I can still eat up her cute bum and her sleeping face. These are only a few of many reasons that I can still be here with a new three-na-ger. m x

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  1. Goodness! It seems like yesterday that she was a tiny babe in arms!
    Enjoy! Before you know it she will be graduating from high school!