27 July 2016



Timing is crucial. 

This is something I was aware of prior to going back to the studio one day a week, but it became so real this week after throwing on a wheel. Throwing pots require turning the base afterward and sometime assembling handles or decorating slip. Mine requires all of these. If you are not familiar with pottery, let me tell you, timing is crucial. If it’s too wet, it’s not ready to do so. If it’s too hard, you’ve probably missed the chance. You just have to get the timing right. Ideally you do things like this on the day after you thrown, but I am currently a “one day a week” potter. Just need to juggle to get it right as possible. With all the other things, like cooking dinner for family, doing laundry, bathing daughter and putting in her bed, or cleaning up her sickness at bed if worse.

Luckily my husband did her bedtime routine for the last two days, so I managed to sneak out to the studio to complete turning and assembling on one night, and slip decoration on the other night. Working night shift is not really my thing, as I tend to rush and make a mistake because of tiredness. But this seems to be the only way at the moment, so I just have to juggle it.

How on earth other mummy potters are getting their work done, I wonder? They must be super women. 

Anyway, enough of moaning! (Thank you for listening.)

I guess I just carry on and give my best shot. One day I may be better at it and be like a super woman. m x


  1. I learned a lot about timing & patience when I took a pottery class years ago. It was so much fun, even when the clay *flew* off the wheel, across the room!
    I still have one thick & heavy little pot I made, but it is centered, and I am very proud of that.

    1. Thank you for your message, Fresca. Flying pot! Yes, I did it too! Good fun it was those days, without worrying about your sale or anything. x

  2. the call of clay is strong - good luck with your timing, we are also bound by the weather and how it drys our clay.