6 August 2016

studio day and night


Summer is here everyone! (well, maybe not for everyone in the world.) We are enjoying lovely August sunshine, making the most of it by being out in the garden and absorbing much vitamin D! 

When Sabrina first increased one more nursery day after the holiday in Japan, she was just absolutely exhausted by Friday, used to crash before tea time and her bed time routine went pear shaped. As result of that we hardly had our night time off. Since she has got used to four days a week at the nursery, her night routine has become a little more easier these days. This means that my night time work at the studio became possible as long as my husband is available. (I have never quite trusted a baby monitor, so even it is possible to take it to the studio in the garden, I wasn’t fully comfortable leaving her in bed in the house on her own.) Thanks to my kind husband who can be watching her at home, I have been working a couple nights a week in the studio to extend my one-day-a-week pottery business. (My studio day is on Tuesday and I work elsewhere as a workshop teacher for the rest of the week.)

I must say it’s not easy. As I mentioned in the previous post (here), you will need to organise well to get the timing right. You cannot possibly do the follow up tasks from daytime in one night, so night tasks had to be stretched to a few nights, which means you need to carefully deal with drying clay. Good planning was crucial. I did make a few mistakes as a result of rushing and getting tired, but I’m learning to work around it. So far I have managed to get some good results in making, decorating and finishing pieces, so I am happy. Here are some images of work in progress and the end result. 

All photos are from my new Instagram, which I’m just having so much fun right now. Please come and have a look if you are Instagram friend! xm

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