29 June 2016

starting again

Squeezing up our finance by having my daughter started an extra day at the nursery, I have recently gained my studio day once a week. Using last two of these new occasions, each of them approximately 7 hours, I have set myself back into the studio. Last post shows that I was pretty lost because of the state of it. It was that bad. Yes, I was that bad to look after it, or rather not looking after it. This week, however, I finally managed to tidy up to the level that I can actually get back into work. I still need to mend a leaking roof and remake broken moulds etc etc… on going jobs, but I’m back! 
Once a week is a very limited space of time for working with clay, but it’s better than none. The goal is the show I’ll be taking part in November. The first event in a long while. Fingers crossed for making enough items by then. m x


  1. oh welcome back to clay! I'm sure you will have enough by November although its not easy working part-time with clay.. enjoy!

    1. Yes, Anna, it's not really ideal to be part time in clay work! Nevertheless, somewhere to start, I guess. x

  2. Hooray! I am excited to see your new work!
    (I don't know you but I follow your blog and I'm happy to see your little girl is well and you can return to pottery!)