3 June 2016

Japan here we come 1: family time

We went on holiday in Japan last month. It’s been nearly four years since we last visited and first time for our daughter. Thankfully she was fine with her first long flight. Pretty much everyday she was just full of beans. We had a wonderful time. 

We didn’t plan a lot this time, as we wanted her to get used to Japanese family. I was rather worried how she would react to people, but there was no need for that. She was happy as soon as she saw her grandparents. It was the same for my brothers family, she was giggling and smiling. Good job we’ve been doing Skype so often. The power of Skype cannot be underestimated. Especially to one of her cousins who is the same age as her, holding hands and walking around together. What a lovely sight it was! 

Weather wise it was stunning sunny early summer. We enjoyed picnics and visiting animal park. Spent our spare time at so many parks, running around, playing with slides and seesaws. Picking strawberries at her granddad’s allotment, getting excited with origami jumping frogs made by her cousin. Every moment was precious.

Mum’s food is always the best but everywhere you go you won’t fail in Japanese food. We certainly enjoyed it and Sabrina did too. She ate well, played well, slept well. It was a lovely three weeks. mx


  1. I am so pleased and happy for you! How wonderful for Sabrina to meet the rest of her family.

    1. Thank you Mary. Yes it was great to see family:)