7 June 2016

Japan here we come 2: celebration time

Visiting family in Japan is always special, but there was another special opportunity for us. 

Shichi-Go-San (7-5-3). 
In Japan we celebrate children’s growth and good health at the age of three and seven for girls, five for boys. Shi-Go-San is traditionally on 15th November and we often visit a shrine for blessing, but we wanted to do it during our stay as my daughter turns to three this summer. 

I guessed it would be pretty hard work for a toddler to get dressed in kimono, have her hair done, and walk to shrine all in one go, so we had two separate days to do the blessing at our local shrine and to get photo taken. Thanks to the professional photographer who has this super magic to turn a wiggly toddler into a photo-shooting mode! It was brilliant! 

Both days were lovely and we enjoyed it very much. My baby is growing fast! mx


  1. what a special time.. your parents would have been so happy to have time with you all.

    1. Thank you Anna. Yes they were delighted to see her :)