19 September 2010

thank you

Yesterday we moved a wheel and tools into the studio. Working in the tent has become too cold. We haven’t quite completed the studio yet. Still lots to do. Needed water in a bucket as a temporary sink. The floor isn’t even sealed. But at least it’s insulated and the electrics are ready, so for now building the studio has been postponed and prioritized the working space until FLARE is finished. 
Rainy Sunday afternoon. Back from some errands in the city, I had a quick cup of tea and went into my studio to reclaim clay. Despite the dull task, (reclaiming it is!) soon I felt this unknown wonderful feeling. No more frightening gale attacking the tent. No more darkness. No more freezing coldness. Instead I was surrounded by warm, light and beautifully calm atmosphere. My own working space with clay and tools. This is truly wonderful. I am so lucky to experience this. So lucky to have my husband to help me build this space. I know this is a little personal to say loud here, but thank you so so so much my darling hub from the bottom of my heart. 
My heart smiles this much :) xm 

P.S. (added following the comment below)
‘Reclaiming’ is recycling clay in a way. Any scrap of clay can be reused, but this is quite an unpleasent process with dusts and muds that can get really messy... I don’t think anyone who works with clay like this task. The last image is a pile of reclaimed clay on a plaster board before wedging. 


  1. only you could make reclaim smile!

  2. Maki, please tell me what 'reclaim' means in this context. I am curious...
    Very happy for you to get your own space. My other half is converting our attic to turn into a work room for me. It's so exciting, isn't it.
    Wishing you a good week x

  3. Sorry Onneke for using a jargon. I've added about reclaiming on the post.
    Attic studio sounds fab! xm

  4. こんにちは!

  5. How exciting for you, Maki! I wouldn't like the cold either!!! Great pictures, too.

  6. YAY Maki! That is so cool. It is wonderful that you have this space, and even better that you are grateful for it. You will create many beautiful things there, with the energy of that gratitude.

  7. Yey, you've moved in, there's nothing like having your own space, is there? Happy creations Maki! :)

  8. ah maki...so exciting to have ur own space at last...so very happy for you. I keep making space for myself and then keep filling it and wondering if i will ever find enough room! Thos has taught me not to spend a thousand pounds on a custom built cabin as i was thinking of but to maybe find somewhere local to me to rent out (very cheaply i might add!) and so the search for workspace continues!
    I have a question for u oh queen of pots....whats the best way to stick glass and china together? i have epoxy resin glue but wondered if u had a better solution!?!?!
    Happy sunday morning to you xxx sj