9 January 2016

wishful thinking

happy belated new year to you all. 
thank you for everyone who visits my ‘inconsistent’ blog.

new year. new start. 

i have never done new year resolution. 
simply because i have never managed to keep up with it. 
nevertheless, this year i am wishing to re-enter my studio door. 

so fingers crossed. watch this space (quietly).
x m


  1. Happy New Year to you and your family too! May you have a creative,healthy, and content Year of the Monkey!


  2. Happy New Year... I hope to see your new creations from your studio soon :)

  3. Anonymous11/1/16 08:13

    I'm not going anywhere ;-)
    P.s. just peeking in your bookcase - re the book Fleamarket Style, I used to live in an apartment owned by the brother of Emily Chalmers and got one of her interior decoration books as a gift. Just a silly note to start this Monday!
    love from Amsterdam, Roos