13 December 2015

so i did it!

I mentioned in my last post that I haven’t tried baking with my daughter. Well, that has came to the end! This weekend, Sabrina and I managed to make our first gingerbread man together! Hurray!! 

Just a little thought on what we should take to her friend’s who invited her next week. I must have been very positive (or rarely overconfident?) to think about baking. 

You know, baking is not my forte. 
No, get it right. Baking is not what I am good at. 
No, be precise. Baking is what I do not like. I CANNOT bake. I fear for baking. 

All those measuring, mixing stuff together accurately, unlike cooking where you can “wing it”, and I get it always wrong, stressed and never get the good end result whatever I have baked in the past. Surely it is similar to measuring and mixing glazes? Aren’t kneading and rolling similar to clay work? Every time the pastry stuck on the surface and breaks the shape of gingerbread man, I cried. Why isn’t this working for me? Why is baking so haaaaaard???

Anyway I did it! I am so proud of myself :) 

Sabrina enjoyed rolling and cutting small pieces herself. (Gingerbread man became my task in the end, but anyhow!) Obviously she enjoyed tasting. Yum! 

Her highlight of the weekend was actually the Christmas tree. Once her dad brought it into the room, she was delighted as you can see in the photo. Not so long now, darling. Time to enjoy! x m 


  1. Yay! Kudos to you Maki!
    And that last picture is bursting with positive energy - if she enjoys the tree this much in plastic, how over the moon will she be when it comes to decorating and turning the lights on?!
    x Roos

  2. My word she is adorable! Trust me, give it another year and all you will have to do is supply the ingredients, put them in the over and then clean up after. Sabrina will handle the rest!

  3. I can't believe how much Sabrina has grown! It seems like yesterday that you were bringing her home!
    Love the photos of such a happy girl!

  4. You CAN bake:
    those cookies are perfect!
    But maybe you ate the other ones... :)