13 January 2016

LONDON break, I mean, break?

We just got back from a short holiday in London.

It was the first time for us three to be away from home and stay over somewhere, other than hospitals! Everything was the first experience for Sabrina - first train trip, underground, hotel, English breakfast (!), museums etc. It was all exciting and fun. She must have said “what’s that?” for at least 100 times in three days! 

It was also exhausting! Yes, taking a two-year-old to a trip is exhaaaaausting!!! In the past, I have seen those kids who are lying on the floor and screaming in public, but I've never imagined that I am the one who to deal with my own child in that situation! 

Well, the good thing was that all in all she had a good time and also realised that she loves being back home. We are all ‘home’ people. We love home as much as we love London. And that’s very ok. m x

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  1. Visiting is fun, but getting back home is the best!

    The most we ever dared was a two day camping reunion. I was exhausted by the time we got home!