1 February 2016

may i excuse myself muttering my matter?

As some of you might have already noticed this, my official Facebook page is currently closed. My website is still accessible but you can see nothing has been updated since 2013. There are several reasons that I did this (or didn’t do at all), but mainly up until my daughter’s operation, my priority was obviously her and I wanted to omit my task of checking and updating things about my studio work (and there isn’t any!) 

Apology for those who kindly check these or even contacting me about work. I feel bad for letting you down.

You know I’ve got back to work for over a year now. Why I didn’t resume my studio work, instead of my teaching job, you may think? I suppose I was not confident enough to manage just the studio work, but I needed regular income, this works without too much worries and I get to home on time to gain family time. So the studio door was kept locked. Hope you understand. 

But, a big but, those days may be over. Time to go back in the studio will hopefully be coming soon when spring arrives. I have to start with tidying up, not actually working in there yet though. Nevertheless the door will be reopened. Yes, it must! I may start booking an event! Can I dare? This is rather a crazy thought, because after such a long absence, does anyone really show any interest in my stuff, I wonder? 

Why am I saying this here? Well, I need a goal to work on! You are the witnesses. 

Above image is totally unrelated to my studio work, but we just upgraded our two year old daughter’s work display space. looking great! i must learn from her! m x

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