2 January 2011

rabbit the ace

The year of the rabbit, apparently. I tend to lose track as not being in Japan and only get to realise when my folks send a thing like this just before the new year. I am a bit of well known (is there such a thing?) rabbit lover (although I am in a mourning period from the one I used to have) and easily get excited by all sort of rabbit gears at my age. (sadly.) Anyway, this rabbit from Japan looks ever so desperate, worried and frightened... and I have realised that it’s her mouth! I cannot resist guessing (I personally think it’s the fact) that it has been placed up side down. Surely they should make a smile at the beginning of the new year, not ‘quivering’ like her. But they are quivering animals... mmm. Must admit I actually like this one though. BTW, here is the proof. 
(I know I'd better get back to something more important...)  
Happy rabbit year to all! xm 


  1. Happy rabbit year to you too Maki, may the rabbit make this year really good for all of us :)

  2. Happy Rabbit year to you too Maki. I hope that little bunny brings you lots of luck for 2011 kx

  3. Yes, it is the mouth, most definitely! Happy rabbit year to you!

  4. Anonymous3/1/11 04:58

    Happy Rabbit Year to you! I makes me want to fill my house with bunnies!

  5. Great drawing, made me ssssmile! Happy 2011!