28 January 2011

cakewalk vintage

Thank you so so much for your lovely messages about the studio. It really means a lot to us. 
Today I would like to share another news that I received this month. At FLARE, the fair that I attended in November last year, I met a lovely textile artist Emma who also owns a gorgeous vintage shop. She kindly started to have small selections of my work (smile :) and recently told me that my rakugaki mug went to a new home! (another smile :) Please have a peek of her shop website here. If anyone come to Yorkshire, do pop over. Her shop is jam packed with ace stuff including her gorgeous bags made out of vintage fabrics that make you smile. Now the studio is up and ready so I must get on with making! (more smiles :)
Have a fab weekend, everyone! xm


  1. I bet you're smiling a lot in your studio now creating all those beautiful things, you must be so happy that you've got your creative space, happy creating Maki :)

  2. My friend does not live too far from this shop, next time I pop up to see her I will definately drop by for a peek! I will look out for your stuff too x

    My friend owns a shop in Hull called 'The Art Box' she might be interested selling your work: http://www.theartbox-hull.co.uk

  3. Anonymous29/1/11 22:42

    Oh wow! How wonderful! And what an incentive too to get beavering away in your new studio.
    Have fun!
    Hugs Jo xx

  4. Dearest sweet maki, this is awesome news! How wonderful to have your gorgeous work available in a lovely shop! Have a lovely merry happy day and love to you!

  5. Thank you everyone :)
    Helen - thank you for your info. Very nice of you :) xm