31 December 2010

Thoughts on happy memories

This morning I received a surprise post from my friend Taeko in Japan. It was her first photography book that was published last month. I was delighted. Soon my mind zoomed back to mid 90’s. 
Taeko and I were both keen amateur photographers. It was well before the digital era, and I was completely hooked on the magic of manual SLR photography. Taeko was a very wise and informative woman of my mother’s age, in fact I used to call her ‘mum’ for the comfort I felt. We used to spend the weekend often shooting photos or printing in the local studio, otherwise just talking about the beauty of life. After two group exhibitions we did, I departed Japan for a new challenge, finding myself, whilst Taeko continued to shoot great images for the next decade. 
Somewhere down the line from there till now, I have altered direction and chosen the material in somehow more ‘primitive’ way to express myself, but I do believe that I still have that important essence of photography within me that can collaborate with my creativity. It’s the eyes. My eyes, as if they were camera lenses, capture and embrace the beauty in life everywhere. There is also the lovely friendship that we engaged once in the past. Receiving her book on new year’s eve was such a nice reminder. 
Thank you Taeko. I have a great feeling for the new year. Hope that would be shared with you all, too. Have a wonderful 2011! xm  
Her photo collection book ‘Story’ is available from here.  
all images by Taeko Tsuji 


  1. Thank you Maki for sharing this story with us. Nice and warm story.
    Wish you wondreful year full of magic moments.

  2. One of the best things in life is having a friend like this, someone who can share your passion and inspire you even more, is there?
    Happy New Year Maki, I hope to see more of your photography here, I loved all the photos you've shared with us so far :)