6 December 2010

here come auntie’s posts

It seems that I’d always spent an arm and a leg just for posting Christmas gifts to Japan (never mind the cost inside!) at last minutes, so I planned to send earlier this year using a surface mail, but of course I failed again. It’s already the time of year. All my folks in Japan don’t really celebrate for Christmas like people do over here, but I like giving them something little each year, especially for three little ones. Last year, I made a ceramic angel for my new born nephew. Then I thought I'm going to do this each year until they are adult (in Japan we celebrate at 20 year old) so that they’ll have a good numbers of Christmas decorations to put up when they have a future family. I liked this unusually sweet idea of mine, so the other two little ones have also joined my annual project. This year, I made birdies. Hope they like them and their mums would look after them on behalf of my brothers. x Auntie Maki

My first GIVEAWAY is currently open. Please enter here if you fancy! Closing date is Friday 17th December. xm 


  1. Now this is what I call proper presents, ones you want to keep and cherish for the rest of your life, those kids are so lucky to have an aunt like you, I wish you were my aunt too :)

  2. Such a lovely idea Maki, very precious x

  3. Lovely gifts and what a great idea to give them every year. They will have special memorias on their childhood.

  4. Dearest sweet maki, these are awesome gifts!! SO lovely and precious! Have a lovely merry happy day and love to you!