11 July 2010

today's findings: a quote and wings

I found two things that tickled my heart when I went to my regular karate training this morning. We share the dojo (place you practice martial arts) during a week with another martial art group and the local scout group. There is a black board in the dojo, which I reckon one of them uses. I am not sure who actually wrote this quote but on that it said:

You can acquire a lot in your life, if you are prepared to give a lot.

I was thinking the meaning of the word during the training and at back home. I wrote in my sketch book and discussed with my husband and step-son for a while. How would you take the meaning of these words? My interpretation was in two ways.
One was to give out others what you have regardless the outcome. You won’t expect any return. Others may take over what you give, but you don’t regret or get upset about it. If you can accept that, then your mind become beyond what it is. You broaden yourself. You gain self-worth by giving. In a way, it’s “sharing” I suppose. The word of “sharing” immediately reminds me what I’ve leant from Kelly Rae Roberts’ E-course. She was so generous in sharing her thought, energy and everything she found worth in her life. I could imagine how hard it would be to give away what you have established for a long time as an artist, but Kelly was opposite and truly believes the value of sharing. I respect her open attitude gratefully. It is a bit tricky thing when it comes to the creative business, sadly as the fact that lots of people DO take over and steal the genuineness. Stealing is totally unacceptable but being inspired and sharing are positive things. And if you can go beyond that, you are in a total free spirit, fearless and worth. Am I making a sense?

Another way I understood was to give yourself 100% to what you want to achieve. In your creative business, work, home or whatever in your life, if you are giving 100%, you will gain. Say it’s a commitment to my karate training, my career, my degree course study, my home life etc. We all know that it is easy to say but difficult to do. Because at times you run down, doubt, overwhelm and on and on with lots of reasons. But we can all give our best shot, can’t we? At the end of the day, it is up to us if we really want to do so. I am learning this everyday. How about saying what you want to achieve is “to be you”? That is another thing I thought about. Mmmm... it keeps me going so I will stop here. What is your understanding from this quote?

It was very windy today. Outside the dojo I found lots of sycamore leaves that snapped off from the tree. I love watching sycamore seeds ‘flying” in the air, just like angel wings. I picked a bunch from the ground. This is another finding of the day. Back home I played with my collection of heart stones. (I am sure many of you collect them too! I am absolutely addicted!)
A big smile on my face. Such a simple thing makes a day so happy. I would love to share this feeling with you. Hoping each of your heart (whatever you want to achieve in your life) will fly high.
hope your heart fly


  1. This does make my heart fly Maki! Arigato goziemashita! I will now start looking for heart shaped stones. I already have the wings! Thank your for sharing your happiness!

  2. I LOVE your heart stones with wings! I'm going to start a collection this summer, you've inspired me. Great blog to read today. I keep getting the message of the word faith this week. Funny how a theme can keep coming up in little ways and niggle you in a direction. so my direction is to have faith in an uncertain time. your quote fits perfectly because we have to move faithfully in order to give. thanks, Carrie harper

  3. Beautiful post. I picked up the same seeds the other day and thought they would look good in a pattern xx

  4. I think your blog is becoming more and more beautiful. Thank you for sharing!

  5. Thanks for giving of yourself...it's beautiful!

  6. Anonymous12/7/10 05:03

    Fabulous post! Your blog is so lovely to visit!

    What type of karate do you do? My daughter does Wado Kai. ☺☺

  7. This just makes me smile!

  8. love these organic wings....so green and alive!

  9. You bet I am smiling now! Beautiful and inspiring post. Wishing you a great day...week...year...life!!

  10. My immediate understanding of it was the first one. I thought of "Nasake ha hito no tame narazu".
    I find this post very interesting as you found two totally opposite interpretations: the first one is not about cause-result, but the second one is really about it. I think the interpretation depends on the person and it tells a bit about the person. I have experience of the both too and we can choose which we want to be... maybe...

  11. Thank you so much for the lovely comments everyone. They certainly tickled my heart, too!
    Hello, Michele. I do shoto-kan karate. The head master from Japan will be visiting the UK in Nov, when I will be going to train. Exciting!
    Hi Mizuyo-san. Nice hearing from you. Your comment made me think again. Very interesting. Thank you xm