17 July 2010

happy time

I have been waiting for this day. Last night was the opening exhibition of my HERO ceramic artist John Maltby, and it was held at my favourite local gallery owner’s home. Oh it was such a heartwarming happy time.

John Maltby is recognised worldwide as one of the finest British ceramic artists. I absolutely adore his work. Last April I went to his 5-day workshop course in Wales. It was such an inspiring opportunity in my life. Having direct teaching and insight of his work and life were a fortune of experience. At that time I knew his next show will be on near where I live, so I was longing for since. The gallery, Godfrey and Watt, had been an absolute paradise to visit. I was sad when the owner Alex told me that he was closing the gallery that gave us a joy for over 25 years but I felt there were much more happiness from him. He must have had this new idea, of doing the show like this, including the online show etc. As Alex himself an artist, I imagined his house must be full of beauty by him and others that have been collected over the years. This exhibition was the very first event since he closed the gallery.

Well, I am sure you can tell how excited I was to see John’s work, also to see how the exhibition “at home” would be like. Last night, two of these agendas fitted perfectly. John’s individual hand-built pieces were so comfortably sat within Alex’s tasteful home ambience. Maybe this is a new way of viewing arts?

To be surprised, I also bumped into a co-student from John’s workshop. She lives far far from here but drove for three hours to see John’s work. (How lovely!) I was so happy to see her again. It was like the moment that our love to this artist have got together one more time. I also met many visitors including local artists too. It was such a lovely gathering within such a lovely space and lovely art work. What can you have more?

I was given a lot of inspiration, energy, spirit and love last night. Unfortunately I could not show the image of space here, but hope you can view John’s work at Alex’s website. If you have a chance to come to the North England, I Do recommend to visit! But the show only lasts till 24th July so hurry!

P.S. John Maltby has no direct online access of his website but you can search him for more images and info.

our love to our hero!


  1. Exhibiting your work at home instead of a gallery is a great idea, we have an event here in Bristol every autumn where a lot of artists open their homes to visitors to view their art directly at their home and it's a really good event that lasts for a whole weekend, I really love this idea.

  2. Sounds like a really wonderful exihition! And such fun to have it at home. Very inspiring! Thanks so much for sharing. Have a lovely merry happy weekend and love to you!

  3. John Matlby's brilliant. His home and workshop is only about five miles from mine, so I'm lucky enough to see him occasionally, he's a fascinating man. It's going to be interesting to see how the internet is going to change the way in which people buy pottery - the down side being that one is unable to handle the work, but the positive being, no overheads for the galleries and instant access to the whole world.

  4. What a great day for you that must have been! And thanks for sharing John's work and talent. I especially love his wall tiles.

  5. Wow what a special day! Can you share any info about the workshop you took? Sounds fabulous!

  6. Hello everyone. Thanks for calling at. Who is your HERO? Would you like to share?

    Hello Mr. Fitch. Thank you so much for visiting. I am so jealous with you! I would love to come down to Davon one day to visit him and you! Yes indeed John is a fascinating man. I absolutely adore his story of life, passion, inspiration and love. We went to chippy in Wales and had such a great night. Also I totally agree with the interest & concerns in online presence. I must say I still love the direct connection to arts and artists. The link shows the images but the texture and details of John's work cannot be the same on the screen! It's about the clay magic. You've got to feel and touch!
    Hi Beth. the workshop was at Aberytswyth Arts centre. I am sure you can google it for info.

  7. Congratulations with your exhibit! You look so happy! If I was in England I would definitely have popped over to have a look ( am a bit envious )

  8. Oh wow, what a fantastic exhibition and what an inspirational artist too! So lovely to meet up with a fellow student from one of his classes aswell - that was truly special.
    I think its wonderful to see artwork within an artists home - we have a similar scheme here in Cheshire.
    Thank you for sharing such a special day!
    hugs xx

  9. Hello Anna, thanks for calling at. It was not mine unfortunately, (wish it were!) but will let you know if that would happen one day!?
    Thanks for dropping in Jo. Yes there are some open studio around here too. Always nice to meet artists, isn't it? xm