13 July 2010


I made a slight change on my blog header because of the ultimate mistake I made. I used two Japanese KANJI without thinking well as I took a baby step on my blog, I just typed Japanese like I normally do. It was meant to be looked like this.
Now I realised that some of your screen (in fact most of yours) wouldn’t show up like this, would it? Instead, it probably looks like this! Argh! gibberish sorry!

When I decided to start my blog, first I thought of something to do with ceramics for a title as this to be a record of my creative journey. But of course the journey would include all sort of topics, so I had another pondering what my priority would be. Then what came up was “honesty”. This key word has always been important to me. Part of my name (MA for maki) also has the same meaning. It seemed just right to use. Then I put the word together with “heart” to make SHIN SHIN. In Japanese we usually pronounce it “MAGOKORO” but I wanted it to be something easier for everyone to read. So I changed the pronunciation and SHIN SHIN came along. (sorry I’ve cut in short, hard to explain how Japanese works... if anyone could help, it would be lovely.)

By the way, another exciting news(?)(well it was to me). Two Japanese Hankos (name stamps) that I ordered a while ago have arrived. One is the title name SHIN SHIN, another one is my name MAKI. Both have got a symbol of honesty. I wanted to use them like signatures of this page. (although they are purely for blog use only at the moment) Combined with an amended version, here is the result. (as you can see above) A bland new heading! Yey! What’s the difference? Well,it’s only “a slight change”. I am still learning how to use illustrator and photoshop, so please be patient with me. May get better one day?? At least you can see Japanese Kanji this time. (I hope!)

Anyway this is just a very little note. Have a nice rest of the week everyone!


  1. i feel a little stupid for not having noticed before- well, it's looks great now! :)

  2. I'm so glad I found your blog ;-) I have been flying by a few blogs each night and I'm following you as "art" just oozes so naturally from you - it's beautiful to watch ;-) http://www.designsbylindar.blogspot.com Fan/Biz page: http://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Me-Myself-and-You/105043419547115

  3. Beautiful stamps, they'll make a lovely signature on your blog.

  4. I'm too in love with what you say and share with us than notice there were any 'oops'..LOL!
    Hugs to you !! xxx

  5. a pure gift
    it is this morning
    to discover your blog,
    your honest heart,
    your simple beauty
    that you lay out
    with your golden hands
    i am a follower for sure!

  6. I was actually surprised with that people commented on such a little note of mine. Very sweet of you! Thank you.
    Nice to see you here Rachel, thank you for visiting. xm