26 August 2017

open studio

At first two weekends in August, I had my open studio as a part of FEVA arts trail (festival of entreatments and visual arts in Knaresborough). Thank you so much for those who visited. It was lovely seeing familiar faces as well as meeting new people. 

As always, I have combined open studio sale with fundraising for Manchester Royal Eye Hospital. Many thanks again for those who kindly contributed to the donations. 

For those who could not make it, I have made a short film for you. Hope you can enjoy it as much as I did! (if you cannot view below, you can also view it via vimeo here)


  1. I wish I could have come, I love your work!
    I don't see a link on any of your sites to buy things online:
    Do you sell and ship overseas? (I'm in the USA.)

    1. Thank you for your message and watching my film, Fresca. At the moment I only work within UK based galleries and I don't have an online shop. I am trying to set it up though, hopefully this autumn.

    2. I look forward to shopping online when you set up online --I especially love your colors--the mix of pink & grey & ochre is so unusual and attractive!
      Meanwhile, I enjoy your photography of your work--and other things. I've been looking on your Instagram but don't have a mobile device (as I've said before, I think) so can't comment there.
      Keep working! :)
      --Fresca (signed in as Frex)

    3. Thank you Fresca! I'm happy to hear you like the colour combination.

  2. Lovely! Wish I could've been there.