18 July 2017

long way to come?

How long do you preserve your idea? 
How far do you stretch them? 
How many time do you try and change? 

My pottery work goes through many paths and different stages.
This can mean about the actual process of pottery, like throwing and firing, but what I also mean is about the idea. I mean how the idea becomes the real thing. It goes through the trials and errors, goes back and forth, until it gets to the point that you feel happy with. It may sound like a long winding road. I sometimes even doubt if I am wasting my time. But at the same time, I know it’s important for me to evolve through those paths. It gives me a reflection, direction and in the end, satisfaction. 

Whether you believe or not, the original idea of “mazekoze” series goes back to 2011!  The idea of “mixing them up” , the meaning of “mazekoze”, was already there, but I was struggling with making into the actual shape and colour that I felt right. In fact I was stuck with making more surface pattern with single colour at first. (see in this post)

Then later I started to focus on different colour combination rather than too many different surface patterns. This was around 2012, when I completed my BA. It was a good result and I felt that was much closer to my idea, so I have made quite a lot of batches. (see the post here)

Unfortunately this series has never seem to be well received comparing to “rakugaki” series (blue and white doodle ones). Whether that was wrong colour or the quality was not sufficient, people were not interested at many of the shows.

I was actually very disheartened and almost given up continue making this series. But somehow I kept my idea alive.

When I returned to my studio work after three year break, I thought I’d have to make a change to be workable within my limited time. What I did was to simplify. The whole design. The whole process.

Today I am happy to introduce you my new “mazekoze”. All of images here are new version. Much cleaner and simpler form. No fussy surface pattern. Different sizes that you can layer and stack. Colours you can enjoy different combination. Matt texture of glaze that enhances the food. All of which makes easy for anyone to use. And most of all it’s fun to mix!

Now the latest “sakura” glaze (pink hue) is added, I am really happy with the result. Hope you are too! To celebrate the path of this series, I’ve recently made a short film. The link is here. Hope you enjoy watching it. 

“mazekoze” ware are available at my next show, Wardlow Mires Pottery & Food Festival at the Peak District in September. Please find more details here.


  1. I love the sakura (cherry blossom?) glaze and these wonderful dishes, pots. The video was amazing - thanks for sharing it. Oh I wish I could attend one of the shows.
    Best wishes!

    1. Thank you Mary! Have you seen my Instagram? I am doing a giveaway at the moment!