14 April 2016

Drip drip drip little April flowers

Lovely cherry blossom tree in our front garden was full last week but April shower (and hail stones in that matter) has made the end of it. Even though it starts with proper sun-shining picnic weather, we still get a sudden and nasty changes in the sky. Well, that’s the English weather for you. Can’t pack up my winter coat yet. 

Nevertheless Spring is here. When the sky is in a good mood, we enjoy walking a lot. New buds are shooting on trees and flowers are out everywhere. It just makes me so happy. That must be the same to my daughter, as we approached the park last week, she suddenly ran to the grass area and picked a white daisy, saying “Sabrina wants SHIRO (white) HANA (flower)!” My, it was the moment that I was totally moved. 

  • Because she wanted to do so by herself and did it without prompting, up to now we did this together. 
  • Because she is able to see such small things within the big field. 
  • Because she enjoys nature. 
  • Because she has spoken some Japanese. 

All of these facts tells me that she is doing so well. I was too moved to throw those flowers away, so currently they are in a press. 

The above photo was taken on the same day. She collected those sticks and told me, “Stick-Daddy, Stick-Mummy, Stick Children and Stick Sabrina!” 

Happy days :) m x


  1. Good for Sabrina! It's the most wonderful thing to see our children bloom.

    Happy spring!

  2. Anonymous15/4/16 08:05

    Tears in my eyes. Cherish those moments!