24 March 2016

march-ing to spring?

March has been and is about to go. So here is a quick update of this month.

It’s been another warm winter here in England, but we had snow early this month. It was very first time for my little one to play in the snow. From that experience, she was super excited on the second day we had snow.

World book day. Like any of those ‘fun event’ days at the nursery, children get asked to come in thier favourite character gear. I am a mother who is rather reluctant to buy a new outfit for my child. So I asked my poor child which story she like the best, wishing somethings not complicated, and the answer was “Stickman”. So there I went, stitching brown felt bit by bit on to her old T-shirts after she’d gone to bed. Costless but not sure which was actually the easiest choice after hours of sleepy night work! At least she loved it, so worth it. 

Our new light in the dining room. We are always a bit dubious to buy something from IKEA but this dandelion seedpod light was a hit of this month. Makes all of us smile! Can’t wait for spring now. m x 

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