16 September 2015

daughter's word

Long since last blog. It’s been rather a hard time since my daughter’s been back home from hospital, despite that I should have been happier than ever, I got a bit down with stress, illness and some changes in my mind. I did not feel like I’d blog anything. I was not patient enough for my daughter right in the middle of the terrible two, either.

We went for a walk today as the sun was out after continuous rainy days. As we walked among tall trees in the field, she said “mummy, tree so many” in Japanese! She has tendency to use English but only lately Japanese has started to come out. When I looked up, I saw a beautiful autumn sky. Instantly I felt so refreshed. Sorry for not being a good mum always. And thank you babe for being here with me. xm 


  1. Being a mom is not easy! You have been through a LOT. I'm glad to hear the operation went well. Be taking good care of yourself! Have you been able to do any ceramics? Sending love to you ~s

    1. Thank you Suzanna for your kind word. No, not yet back in the studio, unfortunately. Hopefully soon.

  2. All parents have bad days, but your little family has had to go through so much. Be gentle with yourself, all will be well. So nice to hear your little one's using Japanese as well as English - and making such neat statements and observations.
    Hang in there.