7 December 2013

smile maker of the week #10

Another surprise arrived for Sabrina that totally made us smile. Her pretty face drawn by Japanese illustrator Yu Shichiji and a beautiful hat knitted by her mum and artist Yoshie Shichiji. Yoshie dyes all her yarns organically and this one is carmine. What a gorgeous colour! Thank you so much both! (click names to view their wonderful work) 

Thank you for your kind messages on the previous post. 
Your encouragement made me feel strong. I am ready and shall share with you soon. Hope you can come back. Thanks again. xm


  1. What wonderful gifts and Sabrina looks so beautiful in that hat, I love her rosie cheeks x

  2. I can imagine the smiles with a girl like that! No gifts needed :-) although they are lovely!

  3. Look what a healthy glow she has. How lucky that you are her parents, you are there for her in so many ways.
    Thank you so much for the update, I am very encouraged for you!