15 October 2013

smile maker of the week #9

bird people, people bird… (look here)
utterly distinctive postage and present from Claire Loder has arrived to my daughter Sabrina. though she won’t be handling it yet! made us smile. thank you Claire. 

* * * * * *
so long no blog. 
you may think normal motherhood would probably be the reason, but for us, lots more than that.
lots lots happened since my daughter was born. 
good and bad. 
not sure how to write about it.
not sure if i want to write about it. 
but hopefully will do, one day. when i’m ready. 

in the meantime, just to say hello, we are still here, surviving. 

hoping things get better one day. xm


  1. Dear Maki,
    It's entirely up to you what you will share here - or not.
    Your "Light of Hope" keeps burning here every day, please know that.
    Sending lots of love!!!

  2. Hoping that all will lighten and brighten for you and your family soon. My little Help Japan birds are sitting on their window ledge and cheer me every day. Take care of yourself,
    Best wishes,

  3. sending love and light - missing your blog posts and gorgeous ceramics.

  4. Keep positive :0)
    Katherine xxx

  5. You have done so much for others, I hope this situation will right itself and that the care and love you give will come back to you tenfold.

  6. Hello Makiko; My sister admired your dove here yesterday, that made me come to see how you are. Sorry to read that things in your life at the moment are not as you hoped (or maybe expected). I hope you can find a way to make your peace with how things are and find space for yourself despite what is going on.
    Personally my experience with trouble is that when things are as they are, you have to grab your happiness when it passes by and solve the issues you run into as soon, effective and as effortless as possible.
    Good luck, kind regards; Simone

  7. I looked at my little Help Japan birds today and wondered why I hadn't seen your blog for so long... so a very overdue congratulations on the birth of your beautiful daughter and hope that you are finding your way through the things that you mention xx