12 November 2012


More than a year and half has gone since the Japan’s devastating earthquake. People often ask me if the things have gone back to normal. The answer is “NO”. The truth is miles away from it

I have been doing this fundraising project since March 2011 and sent donations to the affected areas. Having visited and witnessed one of the most devastated towns, I find it important to continue whatever I can do to raise awareness of the true view of today, especially as we no longer see or hear on the news. Their recovery is a long long journey, maybe for the generation. They are still struggling to make life 'normal' and require ongoing support. There is a way you can help, too. 

I would like to announce HELP JAPAN SPECIAL is now open! 

So what is special about??
1. For this time only, you will get a discount! 
2. When you order, you will automatically enter for my Christmas Giveaway, which will be posted here soon! I will keep this offer till the end of December, whilst the current stock are available. This will be the last chance! 

So far over 1500 HELP JAPAN Birds have flown to new homes! Now only less than 100 birds left. If you have already contributed in the past, thank you so so so much. If you are wanting to help more, maybe you could spread the words? If you haven’t, why not get HELP JAPAN items for a great cause? All items are individually handmade. A little bird can be a reminder of our happiness and well-being, keeping as a lucky charm for your children, or maybe this year’s stocking filler for your family and friend? Candle holder is an ideal present for the time of year, too! 

“HELP JAPAN BIRDS” are £5 a pair. (only available in pairs)
“THE LIGHT OF HOPE” porcelain candle holder is £25. Limited edition of 60. (only 10 left) Each one is numbered. 
Packaging & Post fees will apply to your order. (Please note that P&P includes a basic PayPal surcharges in order to maximise the donation.) If you order birds and candle holder(s), you will get 10% discount on the total of P&P. Here is the detail. (click the image to enlarge)

100% of proceeds will go to the donation. I am aiming to send this hopefully in a new year. Japanese people celebrate a new year, blessing them for being safe and healthy year before and wishing a good year to come. I feel the best time to send the donation with a new hope.

Payment method is PayPal. Once order has been made, I will email you a PayPal payment request. If you haven’t got a PayPal account, you can easily set up for free, or you can pay by credit or debit card. 

Delivery will be by Royal Mail after the confirmation of payment. Please allow 10-15 days for an oversea delivery. If you are ordering for Christmas, please make sure you order before December.  Royal Mail is very reliable and I have had no problem with them in the past. However, if you would prefer special delivery, please let me know when you place an order. 

Please email me  with the following:
1. Item(s) and amount you like to order
e.g. a pair of birds, 1 x light of hope
2. Your Name
3. Your full postal address
4. (option) extra donation. please indicate in £ GBP. 
(if this does not work, please Email me to makikohastings@gmail.com)

Remember your support can make a difference. Every Little Helps! Thank you so much. xm 


  1. I just announced it on today's blogpost. All the luck in the world Makiko! Your candle is lit in our home every day.

    1. Thank you so much Roos as always! Your support means huge to Japanese people! xm

  2. Hello Makiko, I'm also a ceramist and just launched my own blog (I actually have a link to your blog there, under "Blogs that I love"). Just wanted you to know that I think is great what you are doing, I can actually post something about it on my blog if you want.
    Great work, by the way!!

    Visit my blog any time, Thanks!


    Best regards!

    Cheryl Tenorio

    1. Thank you Cheryl. Please do feel free to post abot it. Most of my blog visitors may have already contributed in the past, so it would be helpful to reach out to someone new! Always nice to spread the words as many people as possible. Thank you.