26 November 2012


A huge thank you to all the readers of this blog, shin shin is in the third year and it’s been so much fun. My business of making ceramics has also started a new journey since my graduation this summer and it’s been fortunately good and busy. Now it is a time to return my gratitude to people who gave me support all the way. shin shin giveaway time! 

This year, I have selected three items, so more chance to win! 

giveaway 1: a set of four ‘mazekoze’ postcards 
(all been styled and photographed by me) 

giveaway 2: a ‘POTCANFLY’ porcelain brooch. 

giveaway 3: a porcelain Christmas hanging. 

To enter this giveaway, please leave your name and comment below. It is easy as that. Each item comes with my special Christmas card. (I’m afraid you cannot pick which one, sorry!) 

And what’s more? Here are ways to maximise your chance to win. 
  1. If you already have ordered (or order now) currently running fundraising project HELP JAPAN SPECIAL items, you are automatically entered to this giveaway draw twice. How to order? Click here
  2. If you ‘like’ my facebook (page), you get another draw. 
  3. If you ‘follow’ my twitter, you get another draw. 
  4. if you join my pinterest, you get another draw. 
At the maximum, you will get 5 times to draw! Please leave a comment which one you have joined if you have a different name. Linking to my social networking sites means that you get more updated information and images of my ongoing work. So hopefully all good for you too? 

Giveaway entry will open till Tuesday 4th December 11PM (British time). Three winners will be announced on Wednesday 5th. So do come back! 

Looking forward to hearing from you. xm 


  1. Ooh Makiko, THANK YOU! I'd love to enter this wonderful give away. I think I've met 1, 2, 4 and 5? Fingers crossed. I'm a fan! *.* Rozalinde

  2. Your ceramics are so beautifully delicate :-) Thanks for the giveaway xx

    I'm following you on Facebook.

    And I'm following on Pinterest (my name is Traumatron on Pinterest!)

  3. Beautiful beautiful pieces! Love your work....will be back =) Thanks for the link..it helped me discover you Makiko! Imen xx

  4. A lovely idea, Makiko. Enjoy your work - so unique. A friend who I gave one of your pieces to is delighted...she needed a treat!


  5. Thanks for this chance to win your lovely items!

    I follow you on Facebook, Twitter (as @maliciouscandy), and Pinterest (as painedsmile).

  6. Like your work! I´m following you on facebook.

  7. What a wonderful opportunity to add something to my collection of your birds.will like you on Facebook.

  8. Count me in! I'm keeping my fingers crossed that my only shot will be a lucky one :-)
    I totally adore #3 the x-mas hanging!

  9. Hi Makiko;
    I'm in. I love the christmas hanging.
    I ordered for the Japan fundraiser but I'm not sure if that's the one you mean. In advance I would like to wish you very merry and happy holidays.
    Have a wonderful day!!!

  10. Hello Makiko,

    I ordered each year for your Help Japan Fundraising. You are a treasure and I appreciate your kindness and your incredible ceramic creations. Is it possible to order a wonderful bird hanging if I do not win?

    Best holiday wishes to you!

    1. Hi Gail, any enquiry re; purchase etc, please contact me via email after the giveaway result. Thank you. xm