28 October 2012

Crafted By Hand with my witch-crafted hand

Some of you might have seen the image of my finger on my facebook (personal one only, and I’ll avoid showing it here to the public!) I had an occupational injury at work on Friday and ended up in A&E in an almost fainted state. My “flesh” was half fallen off my finger tip after trapping it in between the hinge side of fire door! (yes, those heavy ones!) Fortunately (dispite the unfortunate trauma!) without breaking the bone or finger nail, my finger tip was stitched back together into one piece. Hence it was a wee bit of a struggle with last minute of preparation including packing and loading with my poorly finger, but we went off to the show in Masham with my kind hub’s support. 

Crafted By Hand was a great turn out. The town hall was heaving from the opening till the end. Lots of great work and nice people. We really had a good time. I had good sale both my new work and stock, as well as HELP JAPAN birds. Thank you so much for those who came along and left me lovely comments. Here are some images from my stall. 

porcelain hangings are out now ready for Christmas 
(I was intrigued by the hall’s gorgeous wall paper behind)
new porcelain rocking pebbles
these vases are mazekoze’s new face
ugly ducklings waiting for a new home
new hanetsubo ‘flying jugs’ went flying well today
how about wee bit of buttons?

I’ve met so many talented artists too. Here are some lovely people and work that I’d like to share. 
Fabulous printmaker Helen Peyton was demonstrating printing using this handsome 1800 Victorian press. How awesome is that? 

My fellow artist Emma Fountain displayed her skillful of needle felt work. The scale of her work is just amazing. I’ve bought a gorgeous felt accessory to treat myself. 

Very stylish etched glasses were by Andy Poplar from vinegar & brown paper. Absolutely wicked combination of typography and glass shape was just so wow! We’ve got a lab glass for this year’s sloe gin. 

Have you missed today? A few more fairs are coming up next month, so stay tuned for more info. xm 


  1. I absolutely adore the x-mas hangers! Are they for sale?? (and by that I mean, to be shipped overseas?)
    Hope your hand gets well soon!!

  2. Ouch! I hope your finger gets better soon. Your stall looked very inviting and I wish I could have popped by, maybe next time :-D