8 October 2012

a little red bird told me...

A little red bird told me that 20’s is a new beginning, and it certainly was for me after an unsound teenage era and discovering myself in the UK. Also said, 30’s is a new 20’s and it certainly was for me, even passing some rough times, it has been a brilliant journey. So, does life start at 40? (your thoughts & experience welcome!)

i can still happily fool myself
Looking back my mother at the age and all those friends who have got children, I feel like I am not mature enough to be a big 40. But all I can say is LIFE IS GOOD. GREAT in fact! Look forward to what’s coming along. 

mini maki (3) and the best mother in the world
Thank you everyone for the lovely birthday wishes via FB and elsewhere. Not that I am a big fan of celebration stuff, though it is always nice to hear from friends and family. 

There was another celebration this week. Graduation ceremony! I've finally received BA. My goodness, I never thought that I would make this day, after having failed to go to University when I was 18. You know it’s never too late to learn and we are always learning. This is a big fact. 

I've also received a special award! (with Ed, my hero tutor)
So many people helped me be here and be who I am today, and I am so grateful for that. Thank you so much for your support. Hope I can share more journeys with you from now on, too. Have a great week everyone! xm


  1. Hello Makiko, I too will graduate right before I turn 40 and I think life only gets better :)

  2. Hello Makiko, Next year I turn 40 shortly before graduating, It seems the perfect age to realise ones desires :)

  3. Congratulations Maki!! (And how incredibly cute is Mini Maki :-))