24 April 2011

HELP JAPAN Handmade Art Sale - result

The fair on Saturday was fantastic turn out. Beautiful sunshine brought us lots of visitors. Many came after seeing the newspaper article, too. I met lots of wonderful visitors from the local areas and beyond, including those who shared the deep thoughts to Japan by having lived there before and studying their languages. 
The last batch of birds had gone within 2 hours. My original fear at the beginning of this project of not being able to sell them all had unexpectedly gone out of the windows. Many gave us encouraging feedback to the project and art sale, which was very supportive to myself and people in Japan. We also sold 106 pieces of my work in total. I am grateful to have received many positive feedback to my work. And must not forget, a big thank you to my husband running a wonderful children’s workshop making origami Easter Bunny! All in all we had such a wonderful day. Here are some images from the stall. 
Including kind donations, we raised £1188 from the stall (including bird sale on the day). This will be added to the sales from HELP JAPAN 1000 BIRDS PROJECT and will be sending to Japanese Red Cross via the Japanese Embassy. When I have done all of the process, I will inform you once again here to share the outcome. 

Thank you so much everyone for your support. xm
Missed out the bird? You may get a last chance!
Some birds still left at newly opened gallery & deli, The Pantry, in North Yorkshire. I am not sure if they could do oversea postal service, but if you like to contact them, please email: thepantrylockton@aol.com 

This is a polite and urgent reminder for those who placed on line order and pending the payment. Please do check your Email and complete the payment, so that the project can move forward and the donation into the action. Due to the unexpected situation of rapid 1000 birds sales, I’m afraid I have set a deadline as 30th April 18:00 (in UK time). I could only think this is fare. Hope you would understand. 


  1. A huge success!
    A wonderful donation to help rebuild lives.
    Darling rabbits too.

  2. you are going from strength to strength and your heartfelt generosity and desire to help shines brightly.

  3. What a great success. It all looks so beautiful and I can only imagine how hard you have been working on all this for the last months. Amazing Maki! I just got back from Holland and found my birds waiting for me when I got back. They are so stunning, thank you!

  4. Your stall looked wonderful, wish I could have popped along to see it! :-)

  5. Congratulations Maki! The stall looks wonderful and its good to hear that everything went so well!! Wini xo

  6. Well Done Maki This is a wonderful thing you have done .

  7. of course a deadline is fair! i can't believe anyone has ordered but not paid for their bird, as i LOVE MY BIRDS :) truly, if you have ordered a bird, you will want to have it as soon as possible!

  8. Wow, it looks like you had a great day, well done. I'm so sorry to have missed out on buying one of your birds - do let me know if there is any chance of getting one! Oh, I just read the last paragraph about the gallery, I'll email them now.

    Flora x

  9. So glad to hear of your success for such a wonderful cause. The idea of your husband showing the kids how to make origami bunnies is fantastic. Wishing you all the best, Tammy

  10. It is wonderful to see that this project has been such a succesful one! Well done to you and your husband!

  11. WOW again! Great stall & what a fantastic achievement in raising so much money Maki. Very well done.