11 April 2011


One month has passed since Japan’s Earthquake. It is ironically amazing how quickly the news has disappeared from TV. Life goes on around me. As if there were nothing happened. Being a Japanese living in a foreign country has put me in a strange position that I have never felt. 
The truth is that Japan’s recovery has only just begun. They have a long way to go. Still tons of worries and uncertainties. Their future path is unclear. My parents say they still have shakes every hour. I hear someone I know who works for Tokyo Electric Power, has not been back home since. I hear those who evacuated 20km from Fukushima Power Plant were told that they would not be able to return home for at least a year. I hear it takes decade to clean the radioactivity. I hear about contaminated vegetables and water. I hear Red Cross has not been able to divert the donation for the use as there are too many affected areas. I hear there are not enough land to build temporary housings for people who have lost their homes. I hear lots of things. None of them seem to be enlightening the hope. 
April is supposed to be the month of new start in Japan. Children enter schools. New class mates. New uniform. Graduates start new work. It is supposed to be exciting time of year. But this year, it turned out to be a different story. Many have lost work and schools to go to. Lost friends and families to celebrate together. Many of those school children who survived from the Tsunami in Minami Sanriku (the town that was completely wiped off) for school being on higher ground, have lost their parents and homes at lower ground in front of their eyes. I cannot even begin to imagine how their life from now are going to be...
Yet, they are a humble nation. Fighting for the recovery. Trying to reach out to a tiny hope they can possibly have. 

Must not forget. What they are going through. 
Must not forget. Our continuous prayers. 
Must not forget. This is why I am doing what I am doing now. 

Here is NY times link that you could see in English. I feel the importance of not forgetting those images. I hope you would share the prayers for Japan from now on too. 
My current project HELP JAPAN 1000 BIRDS PROJECT is to encourage people in Japan. I could have not done it myself but with YOUR support I have managed to foresee the hope. Thank you so much for your contribution. Crazy busy two weeks have passed since it started. My birds are still an on going process (sorry for being slow but almost the last batch!) so I only sent out 380 birds. For that, we have raised £1550. Up until yesterday, I have received 713 birds orders in total! This is absolutely amazing! 1000 birds were supposed to be a long term goal, but it may not be? Thank you so so so much for your support. We are certainly cheering the nation. I will send the donation together with the proceeds from the forth-coming fair. I will keep you posted the details. 
By the way, this is SHIN SHIN 100th Post! I would like to say a big thank you for everyone who visited me here. Your feedback and suggestion to my blog are more than welcome! xm


  1. Yes, Maki, I think of them every day. The enormous effort on your part is a loving tribute to beautiful Japan.

  2. Maki, even though you don't hear or read about Japan every day anymore, our thoughts and prayers are still with the people of your country.

  3. The news people may have forgotten about Japan but we haven't, we're still thinking of you and those lovely people in Japan and will try and do what we can to help. I think you are one amazing lady Maki and I know for sure that what you're doing is making a difference. I've received my beautiful birds last week, I love them and will cherish them for a long time to come, here's a little blog post and some photos of your lovely birds: http://www.constantworkinprogress.com/notestoself/2011/4/5/one-very-special-delivery.html :)

  4. I have not forgotten Maki.

  5. £1550 is amazing and I am sure this will help some of those children you mention :-)

    What you have done is fantastic!!!


  6. Anonymous11/4/11 09:52

    Everytime I look at my beautiful birds that you made, I think of japan and send love. Also I feel the same as you with Christchurch here in New Zealand, that people have forgotten, that it is no longer being held in our hearts and minds. But then I read a blog post or see something on tv that reminds me that even though life carries on, the world has not forgotten and our countries of japan and NZ are still very much held in the hearts of the whole world.

    And that hope is never lost.

  7. Maki, every time I read the paper I look for news about Japan, and I am amazed with how little I can find. I used to work for a newspaper and I know how it works, but it's still shocking. My heart is with Japan every day.

    And congratulations Shin Shin on a 100 posts. Your blog is a haven...

  8. What you are doing is wonderful - my little birds are beautiful, and they remind me every day...

  9. Of course a month is nothing... but then people tend to forget. It's human nature, and therefor we need people like you to keep pointing the finger on the sore spot.
    Amazing that you have raised this much money on your own! I'll await my little birds to nest here ;-)
    love from Amsterdam, Roos

  10. Our lovely little birds arrived today! Thank you so much Maki. They are full of so much love. Thank you for all you are doing for Japan and for the reminders to us, of the situation that faces your home country every day.

  11. Incredible, Maki! I just love my little birds. They are lovely and your efforts are to be applauded! We will not forget. I have been able to donate through several different organizations. Thinking of you, sending love and healing wishes.

  12. My little birds have arrived, thank you so much, they are beautiful. What you are doing for Japan is amazing. I think of Japan every day and will never forget.

  13. Anonymous19/4/11 13:45

    Tears rolling down my face as I read your blog, plus a feeling of hope fills my heart as I hold bird no 620. As long as we have people like yourself in this world who try to make a difference we will all be ok. Thank you so much I will never forget Japan. xx
    lots of love Vickie x