23 February 2011

simple pleasure

Day off from work and college today. Nice to have a Wednesday off because it’s our local market day. Nothing special, it’s a very old-fashioned typical English market but I enjoy coming out when I can. Being a part of the local life is simply satisfying for me. 
I made my favourite sweet potato and pumpkin soup for lunch. 
These giant dates were so yum. xm


  1. There's nothing like a nice day off in the middle of the week, is there? Time to relax a bit, go to places that you don't get a chance to visit often, just unwind and relax and enjoy some simple things in life like that delicious looking soup :)

  2. I love soup and dates!!

  3. I love going to a food market, shame there are not so many around any more...

    That soup looks so yummy!

  4. oooooo scrummie. I'll have to get that recipe from you :o) loving the studio and the work coming out of it...and your new yellow lamp is to die for x