17 February 2011

new routine

I have decided to try a new routine in order to get myself in the studio everyday. As soon as I get back from work and college, I put my layers on and head straight in to the studio for at least an hour or so before doing any house choirs and all the other stuff. If time allowed, I go back later on to continue working. It is hard to motivate myself to handle an ice-cold bucket of water in the evening, but so far this routine seems working ok for me and my family, including a hungry teenage step-son (well, giving him a bit of free time on a computer seems working?) Anyway soon it will be Spring...
These are waiting to go inside a brand new kiln this weekend :) xm


  1. Good routine. That's the only way to make art if you are working at another job and going to school. I love the boxes with the sculpted figures - especially the birds! Keep up the good work.

  2. Your work is so lovely, it's worth all your effort. And hurey! You have a new kiln - it's so exciting!

  3. Isn't it interesting, how a routine can help you create? I can't wait to see these finished!

  4. I'm glad you've found a new routine that seems to work for you, this is something that's really helped me, especially at the times when I really thought that I just couldn't get any more work done :)
    I'm really hopeful that spring is on its way and that longer and warmed and sunnier days are just around the corner, I know this will make a huge difference to everything we do, including making art :)

  5. You have done so much effort to make your studio and your works. Congratulations! Sometime we get frustrated, but even if we can find a few hours time to work, if we can manage ourselves to be happy, we are still moving forward.

  6. Hey Maki
    Guess what? You have been awarded a Stylish Blog Award! See here

    Well deserved! C xx