19 August 2018

Visiting artist in Japan - volume 1: chokkin kirie YUYA

delightfully beautiful work by YUYA

Hello everyone. 

Currently on family holiday in Japan and it’s already into the second week. We have been spending a lovely time with family and friends, which were much longed for. Our daughter Sabrina is in a great shape, having so much laughters and smiles, as well as suddenly expanding her Japanese conversations, which is a bonus. 

During our stay, we have planned to visit several artists in Japan, who I admire and longed to visit for some times. I would like to share the story on my blog in the coming weeks.

Today I would like to share our first visit to YUYA, a paper cut artist and product designer / illustrator and his wife Keiko, as known as Sparrow Kei on her instagram, who runs bakery classes at their home studio, Atetlier FOLK in Tokyo. 

It’s going back nearly a decade that I first saw his work via his blog. There were no instagram in those days, but I certainly got hooked onto his design, which is somewhat modern and friendly folk that really eases your eyes and makes you smile. I also love the fact that he uses a pair of scissors to cut paper, which I think leaves more personality and handmade touch.

Both YUYA and Keiko have always been friendly and open to the conversation over blog and instagram today, that I felt like it was not the first time to actually meet, very relaxing. Well, except having five year old daughter around, which is not always easy to visit someone new, but they wholeheartedly welcomed us. We enjoyed homemade cake by Keiko with all the detailed touch on how she served us, which are just so lovely. 

Their home is filled with much loved collection of treasure from pottery and folk art, to books and music, and has been featured in many magazines and TV program. They kept saying and rather warningly, it’s a very small space, but I could not hide my excitement to see their house. And I have to say there were no warning needed. It totally blown my expectation. I LOVED it. You cannot stop smiling each step, each corner of their home. YUYA kindly allowed me to share some images here, so hope you enjoy them too. 

We have chosen one of his paper cut arts to bring back to our home. (as you can see on the top) We shall certainly treasure it and remember such a lovely time we spent together. Thank you so much YUYA san and Keiko san. 

You can view more of Aterlier FOLK, here.

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