16 May 2015

a tiny handful of spring

Blog once a month - the resolution has failed quickly. Apology for being quiet again.

We had the builders in for the extension work of our dining room / kitchen for the last 8 weeks or so. Passed the chaos of dust being everywhere (hell), we are in the midst of decorating the new rooms now. With a toddler hanging around, it is almost impossible to get anything done, so having her big brother and sister to look after her last weekend, plus taking another three days off work when she was at the nursery, we’ve cracked on a whole lot of painting, tiling and all sort of jobs. Finally it’s getting close to the end. 

Looks like that being busy at home and work has become a typical excuse for me not to take my daughter to somewhere fancy. I met mummies at the library the other day, chatted where they have taken their little ones lately. Which theme park is recommended, which garden has full of kid friendly areas etc etc. Then I’ve realised that I haven’t taken her to anywhere, not even seaside or farm yet. We go to the park near by or walking around the town. That’s about it. The only place we went sooooooooo many times is hospitals. And that sounds really bad. Oh dear, have I neglected her? Well, I shall make a bit more effort to go and visit somewhere from now on. Is this going to be another resolution?? 

So we went out for a walk (round the corner again!) and enjoyed picking some flowers. Our little one loves flowers. Coming up to nearly 2 year old. My goodness, super fast. xm


  1. I don't mind if your posts are irregular, just like to know all is well. You have a very busy life with a toddler and I wouldn't worry too much about getting her out too far, around the block and picking flowers is all she needs now, just as long as she has plenty of parent time and fun with you.

  2. Life never stops with a little one! Post when you can and don't feel guilty about it. The time you spend with your daughter is precious and irretrievable if not used.
    It's not where you go but how you spend your time together. Kids remember the time with Mommy most of all!

  3. Please don't start to compare yourself to "the other moms".. it's a devious trap (and of course, I have fallen into it many, many times and still do.....). Love and attention are all that matters, and you are blessed with those in abundance!
    Your picture is simply gorgeous by the way! xoxo Roos