21 January 2015


It was around Christmas time when Sabrina finally started walking and now nothing stops her. Since we knew she had some development delays from the start, we did not really worry too much, but my goodness what a lovely feeling we get when she hit this milestone! Thank you my darling babe. Thank you my husband. I am a very happy mum and wife. xm 


  1. Oooh, she is so cute :-) Well done, Sabrina! We're still waiting for our boy to take this next big step, but he'll get there soon enough...

  2. Anonymous6/2/15 22:55

    Ooooh she looks like a Minion, so funny. Cute.
    Have a wonderful weekend. Simone

  3. such a joy! I'm happy for you and her... sending love...

  4. So happy for her and for you! Enjoy!