14 December 2014

missing japan

It’s been quite a battle at home whilst my blog was quiet. Sabrina and I have been poorly, having had cold after cold since late autumn. This is the third round and we are trying to fight off this nasty flue-like symptoms before Christmas. It is not nice to watch my baby suffer so much, but also very very tiring to look after one when you are poorly too. Doctor said this year is particularly bad and there are four types of cold viruses around. Does that mean we are getting another one?? I hope not! 

From the recent appointment with Sabrina’s cardiac doctor, now we know she will be having an open heart surgery next spring or summer. This is going to be another major operation since her eyes, so it is worrying. Nevertheless, we are hopeful that the surgery will make her health and life better in the future, and also means that if it’s done successfully, we can fly to visit Japan finally. Until then we are anticipating that day to come with fingers (and toes) crossed. xm


  1. Sending all good thoughts and wishes for you and Sabrina, for all of you! It's so hard to see your child ill. Take care, best wishes.

  2. Sending much love! Hang in there!!

  3. Just thinking: would the three of you benefit from getting a flu shot? Perhaps you're too late for this round of viruses, but perhaps next year? I know people with heart problems get them in the NL, but Sabrina might be too young.
    Anyways, the end of my message is the same as this morning: hold tight, trust that you are a wonderful mother and stay strong!

    1. Thank you Roos. Yes flu jab, I have thought of that, as we usually start around October, but both of us already had the first cold by then so could not have a jab! Yes, maybe next year I should ask earlier.

  4. Dear Maki... I am sorry to hear that. I personally do not like flu shot. For I know two people at least had side effects and there are many who are like me suggesting the natural way. so this is only as an FYI. I had a flu last year, worst I have ever had. I was in ER and took 3 month to get better. Since then, I use Neti pot and oil pulling (pl. google you will find many information). I also cut up a onion and let it expose in the air at home (to kill virus). after that, pl. do not eat the onions:) throw them away. I have never had flu again, knock on wood! Mine was alway sinus related, but even so, both methods worked on my friend. Although hard for the little one, but at least you could try and the onion may help everyone. So many healthy and happy adults I know had illness to overcome when they were little, so I am very hopeful Sabrina's bright future. so wonderful to be a mother. Merry Christmas, and Happy New year. xoxo.