16 September 2014

i cannot care enough carefree beauties

Being a mother to a little one means that you have to omit some of (most of?) household chores in order to survive everyday. In my case gardening has become one of them. Our vegetable plot is covered with a black sheet and my flower border is completely abandoned. But thanks to those relatively carefree bulbs and perennials, they happily do their own thing. Without me trying to tidy, stake, or anything that need a bit of hands on tasks, they do flower nicely. Like these dahlias that I cut this afternoon, they just add our abundant garden a brilliant colour and even in our living room. 

Hopefully I will go back to do a bit more gardening next year, maybe get my daughter involved. I think I’d still chose those ‘carefree’ flowers. Anyone recommend any? xm

1 comment:

  1. I'm the worst gardener in the world (ha, probably because I don't have a garden but only a small balcony with some flowers) so you won't find any proper advice coming from me. Although I love to let the boys choose seeds in the shop in our botanical garden. They pick funny things and watch our little projects grow! Indian cress is a big hit :-)
    Sabrina will for sure adore all things colorful!