7 May 2014

everything goes into her mouth whilst everything else goes out of the window

April just came and went. Sabrina is 10 month old. Already. Surely things are supposed to get easier as a baby grows, but it just brings other difficulties, doesn’t it? How does everyone keep up with their time when they have a baby? I used to be a much organised list person. The whole point of making a to do list is to get that satisfied feeling when you have crossed the items off the lists. I can hardly cross anything these days and the lists carry on to the next week, next month… Well, I stopped it. Welcome to the life of motherhood. 

Thank you for your kind advice on the previous post. She is doing better. I am also thankful for how things are with Sabrina. Despite the every day chaos, she has come so far, especially for her eyes. It’s just a miracle. Just grateful. xm


  1. I am so happy to hear Sabrina is doing better! This is such a tough time in any family's life, the little ones take up so much ;space; it's quite mind boggling! I had my first three almost a year apart from each other and it felt crazy then but now I miss it. We are funny people aren't we? Warm hugs to both of you :-)

  2. Congratulation for your daugher. I wish you an wonderful day!

  3. The three of you have already come so far!
    Little Miss S. made my morning when I discovered her picture :-)

    p.s. to do lists? I have stopped making them (used to be a frantic and truly obsessive planner) and it has lightened my life in many ways.

  4. I love seeing babies discover their feet! Toesies are the best!
    Very nice to see Sabrina doing well and making mom's life chaos. Isn't that part of what babies are supposed to do?

  5. Hello Maki, hello Sabrina - lovely to see her picture.
    My mind is a still an unjumblerable jumble! I make lists but I forget where I put them!
    Lots of love to all of you