2 January 2014

thank you

Thank you so so much for your comments on the previous post. We were so touched and encouraged by them all. Each one of your kind thought has become a big hope together for Sabrina. We are so grateful. Thank you. 

It’s a new year, new start. May 2014 bring you lots of smile and happiness. Hope you enjoy some random pictures from our Christmas. (and she’s just started weaning! How awesome is that!) xm 


  1. She is precious! So happy that you posted as it is so good to see her looking so good - and her parents too!
    Best wishes,

  2. What an adorable child. Her parents look wonderful as well. Thanks for the pics I've been looking to see if you had posted any each day. It looks like 2014 will be a great year. All the best. X Creina

  3. The picture with Sabrina looking in the mirror is amazing!!!
    We all here gathered to see your pictures and the four of us are sending a lot of love! Keep up the good work supermom :-)

  4. Happy New Year to you Makiko, to Sabrina and her daddy, many good wishes to your family, how courageous you were this last months. Beautiful photo of Sabrina looking in the mirror.

  5. I feel so glad to see you find some happiness and hope from our comments. Wishing you a healthy and happier new year.

  6. Thank you all. Glad you enjoyed the piccies! xm

  7. so lovely to see the picture of Sabrina and all of you - here's to a calmer and much much easier year ++++

    1. Thank you s much Claire, and the gorgeous tights for Sabrina :)