21 June 2013

me & wheel & someone in between

This photo was taken at the end of last month, on my last day of running the workshop. Since then, I have been continuously working at my home studio making more items for Autumn orders, mixing glazes and doing odd jobs here and there up to quite recently. But now, it’s a time to take an official break (till when there is no more break!), as it is no longer physically possible to do much due to someone in between me and my wheel. 

For those who knew this news, thank you for your support, wise advice and warm encouragement all the way. For those who didn’t, hope you can enjoy a whole new journey with me from now on too! xm


  1. Well!! At least your feet are still visible!
    I was not aware of this. When are you due?
    Welcome to the roller coaster of parenthood!

  2. Oh Wow Makiko...CONGRATULATIONS!

    Welcome to the world of motherhood, youre going to love it.

  3. Exciting times ahead!

  4. Love that picture! (and had never thought about you & the wheel.. the practicalities one bumps into with a bump :-))

    Enjoy the last days of peace, the silence before your life will start all over again.

  5. so excited for you.....lovely to see your bump esp from your perspective!

  6. Congratulations Makiko on your beautiful bump :-D I was only talking about you the other day to Kirsty who works at Studio 11 in Hull about your wonderful pottery x