20 May 2013

clay and classic

When I work in the studio, I listen to the radio. No matter how convenient and trendy the world has gone from CD player to i pod or whatever, I think the radio is a superb gear, especially in the studio. I have tried different radio stations for the past years, including my mentor’s favourite Radio 4, but what has settled for me is Classic FM. It influences productivity significantly. Everything seems to become more fluent and I certainly become calmer. By the way, I have never been a big fan of classic music. I am a rock chick rather… it is not a joke that I chose to come to the UK because of the Beatles. Nevertheless, after over a year of listening to Classic FM, my music choice has evidently widen, which is a bonus. 

What do you listen to when you work? xm


  1. I listen exclusively to WGBH classical station.....available online at WBH.org.

  2. I listen to radio too-public radio- mostly informational, some music.