1 April 2013

new website!

A wonderful news! 
(and this is not April fool!) 

My website is now on live!! 

Please go and have a peek here

Your feedback are welcome. 

(many many thanks to a talented friend Kevin!)



  1. hello makiko!
    I am visiting from Flying Lessons and just LOVE your new website! It looks great! What you are doing for Japan is so generous and heartfelt. I love the little bird and the detail on the bottom with their feet. SO cute! Cheery Smiles your way...Laura

    1. Thank you Laura for the lovely message. xm

  2. Hey Maki
    its looking so good - well done :)

  3. The new website is beautiful - very clean and shows your work wonderfully - well done! Makes me want to have another look ...

  4. Well done!! It is so YOU! (one of the hardest things is 'translating' your work into a design that works well online, you managed very well!)

    One point of feedback: to me the 'about' page was a bit long.. perhaps it would benefit from some subtitles to indicate different topics? It's my profession to write artists bio's like yours, so forgive me if I'm a bit too honest :-)