4 March 2013

wedding project

These porcelain pieces are for the recent wedding project that I was asked to do. It was actually for my step daughter’s wedding last weekend, and my task was to create centre pieces for her wedding reception. After some discussions and consideration of the couple’s theme colour, black and creamy white, I decided to throw porcelain in a simple form but with a bit of personal touch. In the end, I made oval vases for the flowers on the top tables, round vases for the orchid as the centre pieces of the round tables and many candle holders to go around them, which are half embossed their names and half screen printed photographs of the couple. When they are lit, the letters and images would show up nicely. The result went well. The groom’s mother was especially delighted so I was pleased.
The wedding was great. Congratulations to the lovely couple! Wishing you both many more happiness to come. xm