14 January 2013

slow motion

The most of the UK had snow today. The studio (shed) temperature won’t go up much even though the gas stove is set on full power. Putting a plenty of layered cloths on, I try to finish off a turning job but clay is too wet to do so. Instead I am literally just watching clay to dry. Used to like a snowy day when I was a kid. It is rather problematic when I face a deadline. xm


  1. Brrrrrr... hang in there!

  2. Anonymous16/1/13 07:26

    I have seen a Korean artist hang burning charcoal in a perforated metal container inside the work while it was spinning on the wheel. There is something about this type of heat that dried the clay evenly. There is always a propane blow torch as well. Good luck. Nina

    1. Thank you for the info, Nina. an interesting thought using charcoal! xm