7 December 2012

London Delight

We went to London last weekend. We had a wonderful time meeting artists, seeing their work and just spending our free time together. Today, I would like to share three fabulous artists and work, who we met during our stay. 

The main aim of the visit was to go to Makoto Kagoshima’s solo exhibition. Makoto’s ceramics are ever so popular worldwide today and I too absolutely adore his work. On this occasion we actually met him in person whilst he was visiting London for a week. It was interesting to peek his insight, listen to his philosophy and his view of making ‘utsuwa’ (vessels for food) not art pieces. (though, I think they stand well as art!) The image is beautiful blue & white pieces that we brought home. Can’t wait to use them with family at Christmas! The exhibition is still open at Gallery Eclectic until 23rd December, but the stock is getting small so you’d better hurry. 

Next, visiting open studio of Japanese ceramicist Mizuyo Yamashita. I’ve sort of become a blog friend of her and also met her before at Origin (blogged here), but visiting her actual studio was the very first time. The view from her studio on the 7th floor was just amazing, gazing twinkles of London architectures and sky. (I am so envious!) We liked Mizuyo’s recent thrown pieces with curving design, including these tiny goblets. It would be nice drinking mulled wine in them or can be used for snacks and vegetable sticks? I love pondering the possibility over the food, table and ceramics. What would you use them for? 

Finally, and this was an exciting surprise, Buddug was at the same studio! You may have seen her gorgeous enamel work from the lovely shop collaborated with Jessie Chorley in Colombia Road. We did not know that she was a part of this open studio and I’ve always loved her style of work, so you can guess how much I was delighted! A very very charming lady she was. Her spoon is a kind of iconic piece (tradition of her home country Wales) and this was actually a second, but isn’t it just beautiful? Thank you so much and lovely to meet you, Buddug! xm 

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  1. All the works are wonderful, and unique.
    Kagoshima is stunning, the way the design dominates the space yet the simplicity is still striking. I'd use the goblets for sparkling cider, and I am a fun of Buddug too!
    Happy Holidays