31 July 2012


poster image is by Sue Sharp  
Thank you so much everyone for visiting and contributing to HELP JAPAN PROJECT 2. Online sales are now closed, in order to prepare for the last phase of this project… including the last sales venue. Yes, I’m off to POTFEST in Pens
This is a long waited dream of mine as some of you might have read here. I am so exited and nervous. It will be a whole new experience and learning for me. Fingers crossed for going well. (and watch over me David!)
If you ever have a chance to come up to the Lake District between 3rd to 5th August, please do pop over. Looking forward to seeing you there. xm


  1. Best luck with everything! I hope you will come back with lots of photos. xx

  2. Had to pop by as I saw your pieces in the gallery at Rural Arts in Thirsk and wanted to let you know how beautiful they looked. Very intriguing with the light through - lovely.

    1. Thank you Jennifer for popping by. Glad you enjoyed the lilypad.