7 June 2012

making and moving

I cannot believe it’s June already! The summer is only around the corner, which means there are lots coming up that I would like to tell you about, but firstly...
thank you so so much everyone for viewing the final show work and leaving positive comments here and via email. A few people on emails mentioned that they want to see more details and the construction of The Light of Hope, so today I would like to share some images of ‘making’ the light of hope. (please click the image to enlarge)
The background collage was made with Japanese newspaper cutouts. A huge thanks to my folks for collecting them since March 11th last year. I originally wanted them for researching appropriate donation information. As the final show approached, I thought I could use them to raise people’s awareness precisely because of the fact we don’t see or hear anything about it today over here. My biggest concern was the potential impact on Japanese people, especially for those who were directly affected, because I never wished to offend them by using those images that may be shocking as part of my art piece. I have mixed striving words and the images of people, particularly children (the next generation), who are shining despite the devastation, trying to focus on their humbleness, which I so admire and respect. Although those Japanese words may not be understood but hopefully you can get the gist of it. 
*  *  *  *  *
For those who may like this work… here is a good news. I am currently working on the smaller version of the light of hope (limited edition) for the next fundraising project. Plus...
T H E    B I R D S    A R E    B A C K ! 
Yes, my HELP JAPAN birds are on their way to fly for new homes.
Those who missed out last year, this will be the last chance to get your bird for a good cause. HELP JAPAN PROJECT 2 will be starting from this blog really soon. This time I will be donating Minami Sanriku-cho, the town I visited last September (click here to view), one of the most devastated areas. So please stay tuned. 
Another wonderful news. I will be setting off to POTFEST in Pens this summer. Remember how much I wanted to join this ceramic festival from this post? My dream will become real soon. Many ranges of my work that have been showcased here for the last two years (yes my blog has just had a second anniversary this week!) will be available.  
So that’s that! Back to more work now… Thank you for visiting my blog. See you very soon. xm 


  1. Looking over your shoulder when you were constructing your "Light of Hope" is a privilege! Thanks for sharing.

  2. How wonderful that you will be at Potfest! I can't wait to hear and see your impressions of it. Sounds like a happy,
    and busy summer~

  3. Such wonderful work, and a wonderful project. Brava to you!