10 May 2012

keep calm (if you can)

Are you calm and collective? I am not and was certainly not last night. 
The final show is only a week away and I was about to do last firing… then a kiln element has snapped whilst I was stupidly trying to fix it! 
OH NO, NOT NOW! (not now, not now, not now….. (echoing) 
Could not get through to the kiln man in the evening or no time to carry fragile glazed work to college, and show prep is next week... so I just panicked. Never touch the element. I then remembered that someone told me so a long ago... After some time of manic period, found this useful site (here) and managed to fix it temporarily. Yet having concerned of the accuracy of the temperature when firing with this state, had to ring the kiln man today for his advice. Back home from work, managed to pack the kiln and on baking now with fingers crossed. Phew...

Since my neighbours must have heard my scream so much last night, I can't no longer hide my nature. That famous slogan has to be altered. Thank god for vanilla slice, my fav sweet darling helps me keep calm and stable!? xm


  1. I remember the first time I snapped an element! I ordered a new set and installed myself, was too intent to worry about whether or not it would work and couldn't beleive it when it did. They still started to pop out again, but I milked that kiln for two more years! Now on my kiln the elements can't pop out, not enough opening and wonderful not to worry about them. Oh but I've found lots more to worry over.....
    yay for vanilla slice~
    I can't wait to hear about the show, your work is so outstanding.

  2. Maki that's awful. Fingers crossed it will all be fine. I know it will... Good luck with the last week x

  3. Hope all turned out well!! And wishing you no more problems as you prepare for your show.